Zong Day Time Offer to Get 1GB Data Volume

In Telecom, Zong Dec 16, 2016
Zong Day Time Offer

A few days back, We have posted an article to let you know Zong GoodNight Offer, and now it’s time to enjoy Zong day time offer (DTO ) with same data bundle (1GB) as the last one. The difference is, you can enjoy the internet all the day instead of night.

Both offers look like great beside the timing. If we talk about Zong good day offer, you can enjoy 1GB (1024MB) data volume from 4 am to 4 pm which looks much better timing as compared to night offer. If we talk about cost, you will you need to pay Rs. 12+Tax/Day which affordable price.

Before this offer was giving 2GB data volume which is quite impressive and surprising, but now they start giving the only 1GB

The internet offer likes Zong, no one other internet provider offering such capacity in low price. This the beauty of Zong to provide access to the web for people who can’t effort the internet or who do want to use internet few days in a month.

Zong Daytime Offer Details

Make sure this offer isn’t available with Goodnight offer, but you can subscribe with any other data-bundle.

  • Price: Rs. 12/- + Tax
  • Total Volume: 1GB
  • Validity: Applicable from 4am(Morning) to 4pm(Evening)

How to Subscribe

  • SMS “dto” to 6464 to active
  • SMS “unsub dto” to 6464 to deactivate

Terms and Condition

  • This offer can co-exist with all internet bundles but not with Good Night Offer.
  • Daytime Offer will have the higher priority on all other data bundles.
  • The Day Time Offer will be auto-renewed on a daily basis. If the customer runs out of balance & recharges within three days, they will be auto renewed.
  • Valid for all 2G/3G & 4G subscribers
  • Fair Usage Policy of 1GB i.e. users can download as much as he can within the download limit.
  • Customer will be moved to his/her base package, as soon as 1GB data is consumed.

How to Make this offer Cheapest for whole Month.

The Zong day time internet offer is something amazing and gives you a lot of freedom to used the internet at very cheap rates. If you are day timing users of the internet, then you can get a lot of benefit with this offer and save a lot of money. May you be thinking HOW?

As this offer give you 1GB data volume in Rs: 12/-, right? If we calculate the data amount on a monthly basis, then you will get total 30BG of volume (1GB * 30 = 30GB)

That’s quite good.

Next, we calculate monthly charge, and we do many months with the cost to get the total cost of the month. Let’s have a look:

12Days * 30days = Total cost Rs: 360/- without Any Tax.

If we add Tax which is round about 25%, then total cost will be Rs: 425/-

That’s pretty good deal to get 30GB volume in an only round about Rs: 425/- including all Taxes. The only issue we have the timing of package which is 4 am to 4 pm, other than that it’s a fantastic offer.

But we still have a lot of options to use the internet besides the 4 am to 4 pm. You can be active another full-time package which cost you less to enjoy internet 24hours a day.

Hope you like this post, if you do like then don’t forget to share with your friends so they also can get definite with this small trick to access the internet in low price.

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