Zong Daily Data Max Offer to Enjoy 500MBs

In Telecom, Zong Dec 13, 2016
Zong Daily Data Max Offer to Enjoy 500MBs

The most popular mobile internet Zong introduce new internet promotions called Daily Data Max offer. With this offer, customers can avail 500MBS data volume by paying Rs. 35 + t/Day.

By using this offer, you will use 3G or 4G internet and access your most favorite content over the web. The offer is good if you need more MBS but bit expensive.

Not to mention, Zong is first 4G network provider also have introduced many different planes and one of its most recent one is Supreme Offer to give more data bundle, mints, and SMS.

Daily Data Max Offer Subscription

To active this offer, you only need to dial *5# to subscribe. This offer co-existed with all other internet promotions. For example, if you have active any other internet bundle then you can be still active this offer.

The data volume will increase first consumption from this offer. After all consumption, you will move to your previous plan. If you don’t have any plan, then you will charge Rs 1 per MB.

Also, this offer auto renews on a daily basis. If you don’t have balance or recharge your account, the offer will not be active. If you charge your account within 3days, this offer automatically activated so make sure to deactivate this offer if you don’t want to use for next day.

To unsubscribe the Daily Data Max bundle, you simply need to dial *5# to unsubscribe.

My Opinions

I don’t like this offer because they providing fewer data and cost is bit high. At least Zong has to think when offering something. I mean, who want to go with something cost Rs 35/- per day with only 500MBs. They have to increase the data volume or least extend the offer timing into two or three days.

When some offers didn’t work well with the companies, they stop them or re-launch with better features. Typically I see, Zong always offer something good and quality one, but this time they bit disappointed me.

The offer is only good if you need to download some important information and you need more MBs data. It is also good if you require accessing internet more hours a day else it didn’t fit user need. It isn’t useful for social media sites due to more cost and especially, Facebook because you can enjoy free Facebook without Data Charges.

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