Zong Introduce 6 Month MBB Plans to Save RS: 5000

In Telecom, Zong Mar 25, 2017
Zong 6 Month MBB Plans

It’s great news for the lover of Zong internet because now you can save RS: 5000 on monthly MBB plans. After getting update the Prices of MBB packages, the customer’s bit disappointed but Zong like that, so they have brought you six-month plan to save much more.

When MBB packages were introduced, you have to pay Rs: 2000 for getting the 50GB package, but after getting update the price, they start charging Rs: 2500 for the 50GB package.

Now if you buy a six-month plan which cost Rs: 10, 000, you will charge RS: 1666 per month and you will get 50 GB data volume. Don’t you think this is the excellent deal? Yep if used internet on daily basis then it’s good to pay once and getting remarkable benefits.

Zong 6 Month MBB Plans

Here are full details about the six-month package. Make sure that the Siz month package only applicable on 50GB MBB Plan.

Bundle Price Details Validity
One Monthly Package Rs. 2,500 50GB/Month 1 Month
Three Monthly Package Rs. 4, 000 24GB/Month 3 Months
Six Monthly Package Rs. 10,000 50GB/Month 6 Months
12 Months Packages Rs. 18,000 50GB/Month 12 Months

Zong 3 & 12 Month Packages

There is also 3 and 12 months packages; you can make a choice according to your need. The three-month package gives you 24GB per month and cost you RS: 4000/-

As for as 12 months package only applicable on the 50BG bundle and cost you 18,000/- This package is a for the whole year and each month you will get 50GB volume. It saves more value than the six months because it cost you around Rs: 1500 per month which is awesome.

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