How to Change Zong 4G Device Password

In Telecom, Zong Apr 1, 2017
Zong 4G Device Password Change

Do you have an issue to change the password of your Zong 4G device? Don’t worry, here you will learn some quick tips with step by step to know how to do that.

I found that a lot of peoples are not able to locate the solution and don’t know what to do to change Zong 4G username and password and also wifi password.

In this article, I will cover both of issues.

The Zong MBB interface is now totally different as compare to other networks. It provides a lot of features include checking remaining MBs, balance check, subscribe or unsubscribe packages.

This article isn’t only for to change the Zong Wingle device username and password but also for Wifi.

It isn’t hard to change Password of your 4G device, but still many of users don’t know how to do that.

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It is important to keep secure your wifi with the strong password because the mobile internet is much expensive nowadays. If your password leak then all of the data may be consumed by other users.

Change Zong 4G Device Password

First of all, you have to plug-in your MBB device to laptop or PC and wait for some time. It will then open browser automatically with Zong Mobile Broadband device portal.

If it doesn’t do anything, then you can just put into your browser (firefox, chrome or another other).

Zong 4G device Portal Home

It will ask you username and password to log in. The default username and password of all Zong MBB devices are “admin” that you need to put into both fields to login into Zong device portal.

Zong 4G Device Password Change Details

Let’s have a look how to change the username/password for your Zong 4G MBB device to log in the MBB device interface. Make sure that, this will doesn’t change the wifi password, it just amends the pass for your device interface.

In most case, you may don’t require to modify this password, but sometimes it’s important. If you are only one, who is using the device then this many not required.

Zong MBB device Modify Password

But for some case, for example, your using your device in your company, office or at home where many of people using the internet then need to change the interface password to protect the device internet.

By changing this password mean that no one can check MBB device balance, remaining MBB data volume or can’t subscribe or subscribe the packages.

To modify the interface password, just follow the steps.

  • First Go to Settings >> System >> Modify Password
  • Put your Current, New and Confirm Password in the given fields.
  • Finally, Press the Apply Button

After doing these few steps, your password will be modified, and now you need to re-login using the new password.

That’s It.

How to Change Zong Wifi Password

The Zong Wifi password is critical to protecting your data consume. You have to make sure that the password is strong enough so no one can hack.

Change Zong Wifi Password

Nowadays there are a lot of apps which quickly hack the wifi password, so you surely change the password every two weeks or a monthly. Let’s see how you can change it.

  • First Go to Settings >> WLAN >> WLAN Basic Setting
  • Put your New Password in WPA pre-shared key fields.
  • You can also click on Show Password checkbox to know what you are typing
  • Finally, Press the Apply Button and you are Done.

That’s It. Your password is changed, and now you also need to modify the wifi password for your mobile phone if you are connecting to Wifi.

Hope you find this article useful. Leave comment your thoughts and let us know.

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    1. Zubair, Did you forget the password wifi or interface login? This article explains you step by step. You simply login with interface then Go to Settings >> WLAN >> WLAN Basic Setting to change the wifi password.


  1. I have changed the password but my device isn’t accepting it. Every time i try to connect with new password with my cell phone or laptop it shows wrong password

  2. When I put pasword to login admin… page opens but there r 2 pics of zong commercial… and I can’t see the options below

    1. Mubashir, After reset password, you need to go Setting > WLAN > WLAN Basic Settings and then check mark Show password to know the password. Thanks.

      1. I have 3g MBB rechargeable device, I forgot interface password, how to reset ?? My device have battery, its jxt like small mobile, waiting for ur rep

      2. Dear I have only wifi device and it is not attach with computer or laptop so what can I do,
        I you don’t mind can you contact with me on whatsApp here’s my number +923217604876

        1. To reset your device, You don’t need to connect the device to laptop or computer, simply open the cover and make sure that the device keeps ON and press the reset button. I don’t have Whatsapp. Thanks.

  3. This article is about USB device, I have a small mobile type device having battery in it, where should I find a reset button??

    1. Musa, The process is same, you have to open the cover and check the reset button. I am sure there should be a reset button. Thanks.

      1. Meine new zong device li hai eid se aik din pehly aur username aur password meine device lete hi un se passward aur username change krwaya tha. per username aur pass dal rah ho tu wrong password n username arah hai is ka koi hal hoto batao

          1. Mera reset ni ho raha or jo user name nd pasword admin h wo bar bar wrong plz help

          2. i done usernane and password like this and then i save now i want to log in but not done what i do now pls reply me…?

          3. now i try to open user i typ username only i typ rahmatt.hadi@gm only like this not typ full email ?

          4. You have to type the full email in username field.

  4. First of all i really need to tell you one thing that when i loggin on the said site there is some stupid add posted on the interface screen which has never gonna remove or off then how would a person can use this bloody thing

    1. Muje kuch din hi ho rahy hain mene ye huawei ka zong 4g evo liya hai is ka passward hack ho chuka hai muje is ka passward change karna hai… lekin muje passward change karna nahi ata ..uper diye gay tarike ke mutabik mere pass pc ya laptop nahi hai …. kiya is ka passward tablet me change ho sakta hai ???? Agar ho sakta hai plezz muje jaldi se bata den ……

  5. is there any way that i ca put a password on zong mbb device givven by hec? I have tried but the settings dont change from auto-which was set by hec.

  6. I changed my default user name and passoword ,now i m using 4g device after few months and I dont remember what it was?
    what should I do now?

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