Zong 3G/4G MBB Packages Prices Updated

In Telecom, Zong Feb 12, 2017
Zong 3G 4G MBB Packages Prices Updated

Zong revised the prices of it’s four 3G/4G MBB Packages and also increase the rates of per MB from 0.15 into one paisa.

All of the Zong packages didn’t go to change, but four packages have changed their prices. Zong said that they increase the costs to maintain the quality of services.

The company declared that the necessary MBB plan prices will not going to increase and will keep the remain same.

Zong 3G/4G MBB Packages Prices Updated

Such kind of practice sometimes work well for the companies, but some didn’t. How? You guys may don’t know what happen to PTCL Evo Wingle?

PTCL started their 3G services and got a huge success, but when they were on the top, they increase their packages prices. When they did that, they start losing their customers, and at one time they were going to loose so much money.

Now let’s see what happy to Zong. Will customers leave the Zong and find something else? Will they go with Telenor or Mobilink? We will get the answer very soon. But here one thing to remember that the other operators are also thinking to increase their prices.

The Zong will also establish a particular focus on the 4G market where it has to take more than 2 million customers already.

There is no youtube that the Zong have to invest massively in the 4G network during 2017 to make sure that its high-speed broadband is spread over the country.

Update Zong MBB Packages:

Package Old Price New Price
50 GB 2, 000/- 25, 00/-
100 GB 3, 800/- 4,000/-
150 GB 5, 000/- 8,000/-
200 GB 6, 000/- 10,000/-


The 50 GB package is great, but now the price increases you may thinking that not to go with this package. But wait you can still get this package in very cheap rate.

In fact, you can get this package in only RS 1666 per month. Do you know how? Let me tell you.

Ok, The Zong also start offering 6month and 12 months planes. So if you are regular users of the internet then you can get a six-month package in RS: 10, 000/-.

It will cost you only Rs 1666/- per month. The one thing you have to pay one-time payment of 10, 000/-

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