YouTube Introduce Live Stream in 4K Resolution

In Technology, Youtube Dec 4, 2016
YouTube Introduce Live Stream in 4K Resolution

Youtube enabled support for 4k video to upload since in 2010, and now it’s bringing that same functionality to stay streaming live video in 4K resolution.

The Youtube organization announced that the both standard movies and 360 videos would stream in 4k.

You may know that Youtube recent bring it’s offline feature in Pakistan to stream the video offline. So these things show that Youtube on the way to leave its competitors behind.

One of the first live streams to feature the brand new 4k support is the Game Awards 2016, which kicks off the following day at 6 PM Eastern on YouTube.

To provide such great feature means that, Youtube going to give very stuff time to their competitors. Right now the biggest competitor in the live streaming is Twitch (Amazon-owned Company).

Twitch lacks the bandwidth infrastructure vital for letting user conduct live 4k video streams. The user need far more Mbps to watch Full HD video streams.

YouTube doesn’t have any issue related to infrastructure because it’s a child of bandwidth-invested Google

Other rivals of Youtube include Facebook and Periscope (Twitter). Both these are still behind the youtube because of low video quality as compared to Youtube and allow only 720p streaming at 30 fps. The Youtube will offer amazing 4k Live streaming at up 60 fps.

Live Stream in 4K From HD to UHD

The company explains that 4k video is the huge bounce up from HD to UHD video as it shows 8 million pixels and has four times extra image definition than 1080p video.

The 4k video experience is something crisper and much less blurry.

To watch 4k video in Pakistan is look like impossible because of internet speed. We have 4G internet system, but it’s just by name.

The meaning of 4G is entirely different if we compare to other premium countries the such USA.

If we look at PTCL and we found that they are offering up to 100Mbps but I am sure it will also Just by name. I hear few people used 50Mbps and they are not getting speed any near to 50Mbps.

To enjoy streaming any content on Youtube smoothly, You should have a least 15 to 20Mbps connection and also 4k Capable hardware.

But the traffic on your internet connection also a significant factor. The best internet connection can be 25mbps.

Youtube is upgrading their system to bring more features. It’s one of most recent feature include the 4k HDR videos. The HDR videos to show more part of shadow parts of the video.

Unfortunately, To view HDR videos, you need HDR-enabled TV.

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