What is DTH in Pakistan and How will it Operate

In DTH, Telecom Nov 28, 2016
What is DTH in Pakistan

How many of you peoples know, what is DTH in Pakistan? The DTH stands for “Direct to Home” provider. The DTH is a digital satellite service that offers TV viewing services directly to users anywhere in the country.

To used the DTH service, It requires to placed a dish outside the home which enables in receiving the signals and broadcasting the transmission onto television.

It provides digital signals which are received directly from the satellite. The digital signals provide optimal quality in all features and make viewing an absolute satisfaction.

The features include:

  • High Resolution 1080i
  • Wide Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Digital Picture Quality
  • HDD Sound add to the high-quality revel in of television viewing

What is DTH in Pakistan?

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) held bidding for an auction of three DTH licenses a few days back.

These licenses total cost at Rs. 14.7 billion and the cost of the single license was Rs. 4.898 billion.

Here are three winners of DTH License so far.

  • Mag Entertainment
  • Shahzad Sky
  • Startimes Communication

If you have used free dish then you surely know that it will work same like that. The difference is it’s not free. You have to paid to watch channels.

DTH is a small size (2 feet) dish which places outside of your home. A receiver will connect to your TV to watch the channel.

You not only pay to watch channels but also pay to get receiver box. Another important thing, You can only watch channels on one Tv.

If you want to watch channels on the second television, then you should need to buy another receiver and connect it to that TV.

For cable tv, you can join as many TVs as you want to watch channels. So you can say, It will take more costly.

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