Terms and Conditions

We hereby state all the terms and conditions that apply to Mouqa.Pk and would expect every user to agree with them while submitting articles. All privacy policies are followed under legal procedures.

Agree with terms

After reading the terms and conditions acceptance of terms is the foremost necessity. Every user has to agree with the terms and have to follow them.


Every writer has to make sure that the articles they submit are purely original. Fake and cheating would result in cancellation. Material should be simple and original. One must share their own views instead of copying from somewhere else.


Mouqa.Pk uses Google adsense to get maximum revenue from online content. One needs to have an account or sign up for an account as payment would not be given directly but made in the account.
Google adsense is a program that lets the online publishers earn money. They display different ads on a variety of online content such as:

  • Add a custom search engine to a site and earn from ads on the search engine pages.
  • One could display ads on a website which would be of interest to the users and then earn through the number of clicks.

Compliance form

At Mouqa.Pk once could read articles on Technology, Telecom, Gadgets, Apps and also submit articles related to following topics. By doing so they could earn money. For this purpose writers need to fill registration form regarding some personal information which is required for record and payment purposes and kept in privacy.

Important notice

Any important news or notice would be sent to the users regarding Mouqa.Pk on the email address they would be providing to us and if they have any complaint or issue they should sent mail to the address given on the web and they would be seen as soon as possible and answered.


Mouqa.Pk makes sure that all the data we have is highly secured and data management is done through very safe and sound technological means.


We are not responsible to create and such relationship as employer and employee. The website is purely for business purpose and people should maintain the limitations and abide by all the laws, rules and principles.

Fraud and cheating

Mouqa.Pk has all rights to take action against anyone doing fraudulent use of the website. We work under highly professional terms and expect people to follow all rules and regulations.

Termination of rights

Mouqa.Pk holds every right to terminate or cancel any registration if any suspicious act is seen or if fake methods would be used to earn money. We expect our users to be honest and once the registration is cancelled users would not be given another chance.

Law procedures

We assure not to give any of the data to third parties but law processes and procedure are to be followed. If any information would be given that would be under law governing situations.

Important restrictions

Mouqa.Pk works purely on terms and conditions. Thus we indicate clearly here what we won’t tolerate and anyone going against the rules would be banned.

  • We don’t allow anyone sharing duplicated content or use a previously written article with your name.
  • You are requested to show professionalism. Those who wish to write articles must write in proper English and grammar. They must not be less than 300 to 500 words.
  • Articles containing sponsored links will not be entertained. If we find links to bad topics or nay adultery material the author would be banned. We don’t allow pornographic material or and tips and articles related to it.
  • You must be aware of not using NSFW images which are not safe for work or any copyrighted images and logos.
  • Content must not target any of the ethnic or racial group and organization.
  • Any of the content promoting illegal acts like hacking and cracking tips.
  • Content about drugs usage must not be promoted like sales of beer, tobacco containing products, prescription drugs, arms and ammunitions etc.
    • These all are the rules of Adsense and whoever ignores them they would be banned and their ID would be blacklisted.