Telenor Big Bazaar Brings Upto 60% Discount Offer

In Telecom, Telenor Feb 2, 2017
Telenor Big Bazaar Brings Upto 60% Discount Offer

Telenor brings Big Bazaar, a great mega discount offer on their 3G/4G Wingle, USB, MiFi, and handset. You will get up to 60% OFF on their devices. This discount offers only available through online purchase. It’s the best time for you to get most of the benefit by buying your favorite devices. You will also get a discount on Telenor smartphones so you can purchase the phone as well.

Telenor 3G/4G smartphones and internet devices as part of the Telenor Big Bazaar campaign starting from 1st February 2017. The move comes in continuation of Telenor Pakistan’s unremitting commitment to enabling and also promoting digital inclusion in the country.

Telenor Big Bazaar Brings Mega Discounts on Devices

Turning it into a full-fledged e-commerce portal, Telenor Pakistan has put the entire line of its smartphones and internet devices for sale on its official website. Further, the development will help customers browse, purchase and get their favorite Telenor products delivered free to their doorstep straight via Telenor website while enjoying unmatched savings.

Big Bazaar Brings Mega Discounts on Devices

In the smartphones category, buyers will enjoy up to 50% discounts on their favorite products. Let’s have a look all of the Telenor smartphones with prices, discount, and price after discount.

Smartphone Discount Price Before Price Now
Infinity A 15% 13,000/- 10,999/-
Infinity E 26% 9500/- 6999/-
Infinity I 27% 7500/- 5499/-
Smart Max 50% 7190/- 3600/-
Smart Zoom 43% 5290/- 3000/-

Telenor Big Bazaar Brings 60% Discounts on Devices

The company has five different types of devices which include 3G and 4G devices. For this category, the customer will get up to 60% discount.

Device Discount Price Before Price Now
4G Wingle 10% 2000/- 1799/-
4G MiFi 10% 3000/- 2699/-
3G Dongle 47% 1500/- 799/-
3G MiFi 40% 3500/- 2099/-
3G Wingle 60% 2500/- 999/-

Note that you are getting 30GB free data volume for the whole month. After one monthly you need to active any packages as per your need. So it’s not the bad deal to buy the device.

It looks like you are getting the Telenor Wingle devices at no cost.

Said Omer Bin Tariq, Director Internet & Devices, Telenor Pakistan.

“This serves our twofold ambition of bringing the internet for all while promoting and encouraging e-commerce in Pakistan. We will continue to make similar and even bigger strides toward making our mission of digital Pakistan a reality,”

He added.

However, in pursuit of digital ecosystem development in the country, Telenor Pakistan follows a two-pronged strategy. This policy constitutes working on spreading its nationwide network footprint while maintaining a portfolio of affordable 3G/4G devices. The company has been leading the country’s ICT powered digital revolution and also shares its digital and financial inclusion goals with those of the Government of Pakistan.

Please Note that the big Bazaar stays till 14 Feb 2017 so hurry Up to take full advantages.

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