PTCL Bring Double Volume Offer for Wingle and Chaarji

In PTCL, Telecom Mar 3, 2017
PTCL Double Volume Offer

PTCL Double-Volume Offer gives you extra volume and extra fun. This is great offer to enjoy the unlimited internet and stay connect with your friends and family.

The double volume offer is available for both EVO and Chaarji customers. If you don’t have PTCL device, then you can buy now and get this offer.

To get this offer, you need to recharge or Purchase your CharJi or EVO in March and get double the volume with every recharge till June 2017.”

The offer provide subscribers recharging or purchasing their 3G EVO or CharJi EVO LTE to receive twice the volume for the same monthly charges. The Doubled volume tariffs are also applicable on every subsequent recharge till June 2017.

Existing subscribers may also opt for the promo packages by simple recharging during the month of March 2017.

PTCL Bring Double Volume Offer Details

EVO 3.1 Subscribers may upgrade to a 3G Wingle absolutely free of charge and enjoy double volume on every recharge till June, 2017.

Package Details Below:

PTCL Double Volume Offer
Device Monthly Charges Volume Before Volume Now


750 5 GB 10 GB
1,000 10 GB 20GB
1,250 15 GB 30GB
1,500 25 GB 50GB


1,000 10 GB 20 GB
1,250 20 GB 40 GB
1,500 25 GB 50 GB
2,000 50 GB 100 GB
2,500 75 GB 150 GB

Additional usage at Rs. 0.15/MB on prepay & Rs. 150/GB on postpay for EVO 9.3 Subscribers.
Additional volume bucket at Rs. 500 for 5 GB for CharJi Subscribers.         

The offer provides copious volumes for our subscribers to help meet their daily data & communication needs.

The doubled volumes are valid until the end of June, 2017.

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