OPPO Bring F1s Classic Black Limited Edition

In Gadgets, Oppo Dec 18, 2016
OPPO Bring F1s Classic Black Limited Edition

Finally, the secret is out, presenting you OPPO F1s, Classic Black. Follow the grand OPPO F1s Classic Black unveiling event on FB live at 5 PM. You may know the success of oppo in Pakistan, and the real success comes after they Launches OPPO F1 Selfie Expert in Pakistan.

Now they come back with F1s Classic Black Limited Edition which will be sold all over the Pakistan. But remember they will only bring you 1000 phones which available nationwide. So if you are the lover of this phone, you should buy immediately.

This limited edition comes with some extra features and gift pack. The gift pack includes OPPO X HSY F1s Case, Selfie Stick, Ollie Bottle, and Zong 6GB data coupon.

The value is over 3,000 Rupees and this gift pack only for F1s black limited edition,Now you don’t need to buy all this stuff, you can enjoy this with the only f1s black limited edition. Is it right for you?

OPPO F1s Classic Black Features

The phone has corning gorilla glass 4th generation plus with the black aluminum alloy body. It has 16MP FANTASTIC front camera, 0.22sec fast front touch access and 32GB ROM with three individual slots.

It is a selfie generation phone and combined great hardware and software features into small phone fit every camera need does it succeed. The camera is where the Oppo F1 is meant to stand out. This is where we being a much more affordable smartphone have one bring the camera from the Oppo R7 with some welcome improvements to the hardware.

About OPPO F1s

The Wraith spots of 13 megapixels ISOCELL sensor from Samsung. The office face detection autofocus the focus to adjust 0.1 seconds along with AutoZone pyramid camera platform and range of filters.

What is the most attractive of the filter options is called Ultra HD which combines four images and compresses the data to make a 50-megapixel large image so that they can run out to the front?

Is this Smartphone fit for selfie generation? Yes, the front camera is an 8-megapixel sensor with a full F 2.0 aperture lens and a quarter sensor, and for the most part, they don’t seem to take enough good selfies like the rear camera. There’s a lot of filters in options.

I’m one that you’re likely to use quite a lot is Palm capture which lets you take an image for opening your Palm in front of the camera.

you can pretty much expect mid-range hardware, and this includes a Snapdragon 616 processor 3 gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of storage the front supposed to 5-inch 720p display with 2.5 glossing gorilla glass for protection.

According to its features, it’s available for quite a small price tag, unlike many other devices at this price point. However, the Oppo F1 is made the premium materials. These include a brushed metal finish and at least in hand the phone said he feels more premium than its price tag might suggest.

It is available in gold and rose gold depending on which Market you order it from. Now you also have limited edition Classic Black which looks beautiful.

Do you plan to buy one last night? If so, your views in the comments below. Guys give us a share if you like this article.

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