Mobilink Brings Smart Watch for Kids to Stay Connected with Guardian

In Mobilink, Telecom Apr 24, 2017
Mobilink Smart Watch for Kids

Mobilink brings you Jazz Smart Kid’s Watch to put an end to your worries. Now guardian can stay connected with their kids wherever they go.

The parents don’t need to anxious about their child’s because this watch provides ease to protect the childer. The wearable smart watch acts as a real-time GPS tracking and a phone call with one button call function to predefined numbers.

The Mobilink guardian watch is a jazz initiative to provide real-time monitoring of your kids and their motion to make sure protection with contemporary updates about their actual position.

Jazz Kids Watch provide you multiple features to help you track your child’s location and whereabouts with instant access and connectivity, anywhere anytime.

Mobilink Smart Watch Features

The wearable device controlled through an application which allows for GPS location tracking, text message to other wearer and voice calls.

The App also allows adding more users and watches under a single app. It also allows server connectivity setting which sets the interval for the clock to sync data onto Mobilink servers for safety reasons.

The watch has a lot more features which make this watch unique. Let’s have a look list of more features.

Real-time Tracking

The real-time monitoring allows getting an exact location of your kid remotely at any time with the pin to pin position on the map.

Emergency Call

If the watch out of balance and want to do the emergency call, the SOS function allows doing instant call which enables your kid to make the call on pre-defined three numbers.

How to used smart watch

Phone Call

You can do the phone call to Jazz kids watch using Android app to take to your children and ensure their safety at whatever place they are.


Geofence is another great feature which allows setting another level of security. You can define the safe/danger zones within the particular time. You will get the alerts on your app when kind’s leaves/enters the school or any other place.

Remote Monitor

You can do Call in and listen to your child and their environment unnoticed.

Contact List

The watch is protected with the unwanted call, and only whitelisted contacts can call to kind like mom, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, etc. (up to ten numbers).

Tracking History

You will get the exact pinpoint location on a map from tracking history of your child up to 90 days.

Remote Shutdown

You can shut down the Jazz Kids Watch remotely at any time from your Jazz Kids Watch App if you don’t need it anymore.

Watch Taken Off

An alert will be generated when the watch is removed/taken off from Kid’s wrist.

How to Use

1.      First Activate Watch SIM

  • Activate your SIM from any Jazz point or retailer shop as per standard procedure.

2.      Download Kid’s Watch App

Android Users

  • Send “Reg” SMS to 6676 – you will receive the download link in the SMS.( For Jazz Users)


  • Download Kid’s Watch App from Google Play store (type “Jazz Kids watch”)
  • Click Here  to download

 IOS Users (Apple users)

3.      Create account

  • Sign up by Clicking on “Create new Account” and enter your details.
  • After registration, Username & Password will share via SMS.

To Download Complete User Manual

Mobilink Guardian Watch Price

The guardian watch isn’t too much expensive, and it has some excellent features. The customer will also get free balance of Rs.100. The call step charges as low as Rs. 1.18/30sec for on-Net and Off-net. The price is include of tax.

Package Details

Here are complete details of the watch including price, package, and subscription.

Rs. 1.18 (Incl Tax)/30sec- on-Net + Off-net)
Rs. 1.79 (Incl Tax)/SMS
Price:Rs.3,999 Initial Balance:Free balance of Rs.100 No subscription charges


  • Real-time tracking refresh interval will be 600-second.
  • The accuracy of a position of a clock is 100 Meters.
  • All kid’s watch are included with Free SIM of Rs.100 Balance
  • The watch can be recharged through Mobile App.
  • Kids look at a tracking device for you kids
  • Jazz Kid’s watch comes with a 3 – months Warranty.
  • The application is available for Android Users.
  • Warranty will be deemed void in following cases:
    • Failure of the watch has resulted due to liquid damage, accident, burn and abuse.
    • The watch has been serviced/repaired by anyone other than GadgeIT’s Authorized Service centers.
    • IMEI is scratched or not found in software; Customer must preserve the original package of the Watch.
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