Mobilink 3G vs Zong 3G Speed Comparsion

In Internet, Telecom Jan 16, 2017
Mobilink 3G vs Zong 3G Speed Comparsion

If we do compare Mobilink 3G vs. Zong 3G Speed of the internet, we found that both look good. We already wrote about best 3G Speed Network in Pakistan and give you detail explanation. But today we are going to talk about Mobilink and Zong and see which one is best.

If you read our previous article which we posted few week back, we have guided you about choose the right internet provider.

In that article, we also share a survey conduct by PTA. According to the survey, Both Mobilink and Zong are best, but the Zong on the top of the list whereas the Mobilink get the second position.

Mobilink 3G vs Zong 3G Speed Difference

The Mobilink hold second place in the List. The Mobilink 3g speed is 5.04Mbps speed whereas the Zong on the top with 7.71Mbps speed. The Zong leave behind all the other networks, not only the Mobilink.

Why not Zong on the top? They were spending a lot of money on their nurture and providing better quality service to their customers so it should be on the top. The Zong was the first company who got the 4G license and not only this; they also start their services firstly.

The Zong also bring their devices to the market on priority too so that they start to hold on the market. Now the Zong has more internet users as compared to others.

Mobilink 3G vs Zong 3G Speed and Packages

If we compare the packages of the both Mobilink and Zong, we found the Zong has better rates and MBs. Now Mobilink also started to provide the better packages in good.

Both companies look good, and you can choose anyone as per your need. It’s important that you follow the coverage area. If you are in Zong coverage area, then you can go with it. If you are not then, you can go with Mobilink.

Another important thing to be noted that, the Mobilink have only 3G where the Zong has 4G. Because of the price of the internet packages are same for 3g and 4G, so you think that you might go with Zong. But after getting Marge word with Mobilink so you can say Mobilink also has 4G because the Warid had the 4G LTE.

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