How to Verify Facebook Account Officially to Protect

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How to Verify Facebook Account Officially

It is important to keep your Facebook account safe and protect by verifying. Today, I am going to show you, how to protect it by verifying.

The Facebook provide you three Officially methods to verify your account. I will discuss all three methods plus few others later on in this article.

If you don’t want your account banned, you should need to verify it by submitting ID card. You may notice that sometimes you logout your Facebook account and try to sign in again, it will ask you to verify your account by submitting your ID card.

It is happening to many Facebook users apparently.

You may be thinking that why this is happening? The just answer is someone may have reported you. Maybe someone reported to Facebook about you that you are violating Facebook’s community rules.

If you own a Facebook account, then make sure it’s real. You should need to upload your photo and don’t forget to link with your mobile phone. Don’t use any authentication information and be else any user can easily report you to Facebook and it will result in your account permanently banned.

Don’t use any authentication information and be else any user can easily report you to Facebook and it will result in your account permanently banned.

In case if your account was banned, Facebook will ask you to authenticate it by sending a code to your mobile number, and you need to enter that code into Facebook.

How to Verify Facebook Account Officially

To confirm your identity and prevent from getting stop by picture confirmation you have to send your Proof. The facts may maintain many varieties; you can publish your time of birth credit card, Govt card, scholar card, university, gym card, driver’s certificate or any other which show your representation.

These users will be prompted to send an image of any government-issued photography ID which removed after verification. Let’s have a look each method.

1- By Government IDs

You can do verification by Federal government granted ID. You need to upload a scan or photocopy of your Identification.

The copy should have clear written your name, date of birth and a photo. Also, the information should match with your Facebook profile. So make you put accurate information into your profile.

FB Account Verify with Government IDs

Here are few steps you can follow:

1) Take your Identification and hide any private information (ex: your certificate or passport quantity)
2) Check or have a close-up picture of your ID.
3) Be sure you can evidently see your name, photo and birthday.
4) Save the photography to your personal computer.
5) Get back to the contact page, click Upload and choose the file filled with your ID.

So when you effectively did the procedure, you shall get an email from Facebook within a short while. And later, you’ll get an email about your confirmation position again. Which means this is the state way to verify your Facebook account.

2- Non-Government IDs Options

If you don’t want to verify with Government ID card, then you need to provide two non-government identity card to verify the account. These cards can be university or library cards.

FB Account Verify with Non Government IDs

Your name should match on both cards. One of a card should have your name and birth date which match with your profile account.

3- Another way to confirm

In case the first two methods don’t work then, you need to submit three ID’s, two of IDs from the 2nd option which has your real name mentioned.

FB Account Verify with Another way to confirm

The thrid ID you need to upload that have your real photo or date of birth which match with your Facebook account.

How to Verify Facebook account by Mobile phone

To verify your Facebook account, you only need to log-in with Facebook and add your mobile number into setting page.

Make sure that the number entered to start with your country code. After doing this, Facebook will send you an automatic confirmation code which you need to come back to the Facebook verifying page. After doing all these, you will verify, and now you can easily access without any trouble of your account with my mobile.

Verify Facebook Account using Security Measures

People can also verify their account by using security measures with Facebook like having answered security questions, confirmed the identities of your friends in tagged photos.

You can also check your account by using the different safety measures as you can set the security question which later on you need to answer.

Another way to verify the account, the Facebook will give you the option to tell your friends in tagged photos.

Why Facebook Banned Accounts

Facebook wants to get rid of fraudulent or duplicate accounts. If you have a distinctive last or first name, they’ll disable your account and cause you to add your real name.

This feature created because of how easy it is to fraudulent account, to produce multiple Facebook bill with the same name and content.

Benefits of Facebook Verification

Verifying your account will make it easier for folks to find and hook up with you. While you verify your account with a valid ID, you can look more often for the visitors to follow list. You’ll also have the choice to use another name more prominently on Facebook.

1) When your identity is challenged, therefore, you want your account back; it’s your responsibility to confirm who you are. There is absolutely no presumption of innocence. Verifying your id could mean mailing Facebook documents like LICENSE, Birth or passport Certificate. If the real name does not match your username, Facebook can transform it.
2) When mailing a copy of your Identification, Facebook demands users hide hypersensitive information like certificate or passport amount. Facebook shall erase each one of these copies after confirmation is complete.
3) For this reason verification, some information never delivered, others taking almost a year and some lower than 24hrs.
4) Facebook only cares about user’s name, picture, and birthday for confirmation purpose.
5) During the lockout of your account, your good friend cannot find you and cannot see you account.

Understand that confirmed accounts not locked or disable easily always. That is a Facebook policy that if the account verified, then you won’t secured by simple reports or many ids using a mobile.

Our Advice:

If you want to avoid your accounts being locked or removed. You need to eliminate any information from your account that’s not legally correct, like a false season of birth, wrong middle titles, nicknames or illusion locations. Use your real first and the previous name together with your date of labor and birth as shown on legal documents.

Hope this will help you, and you find it useful information. If you like, leave comments for any consideration that we may miss.

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