How to Check Internet Usage on Smartphone

In Apps Nov 29, 2016
How to Check Internet Usage on Smartphone

As mobile internet become famous, there is an issue and question mark how to Check and manage Internet usage?

In this post, we are going to guide you how to check internet usage on a smartphone. As you know, Internet service providers didn’t provide truly unlimited data volume for their internet connection.

They need to manage their resources so that customer gets a fair amount of volume according to different packages.

If you are planning to buy the internet soon, then you make sure to check our previous article best Internet in Pakistan to choose right internet provider.

The different mobile internet companies in Pakistan providing different packages according to data volume starting from 250MB to up to 30GB.

Like Ufone 3G give 3GB/month, Mobilink offers 1GB/month, and Zong provides massive 30GB/month data volume.

How to check Internet Usage

The method I am going to share you will work on the Android smartphone. You need to install 3G Watchdog – Data Usage into your smartphone.

You can find this app from smartphone Play store. It is the free app. After installing this app, you need to do some very basic setting.

First You need to Set Quota (KB, MB, GB) what you prefer. Next, you can set Quota Period (Day’s, Weeks or Months)

You can also set Alerts which warn you when Percentage of data used. For example, if you set %75 quota and as data volume pass the value your mobile will be vibrate

There are many functions in 3G Watchdog Data app like it will keep the record of each day and allow to Export/Import data as CSV.

If you want to remove all data usage from the 3G Watchdog and want to make it look like brand new installing then you need to go to

Application Settings >> Manage Applications and find 3G Watchdog.

Then click on 3G Watchdog and click on Clear Data.

There are much more apps available at Google Play store which check internet usage, but I prefer 3G Watchdog because it’s very easy to used and no need for many configurations.

Does this article, how to check internet usage help you? Please leave your reviews in the comments section, we will appreciate you.

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