Fake Xiaomi Website & Facebook Pages about it’s Launch in Pakistan

In Gadgets, Xiaomi Dec 21, 2016
xiaomi pakistan launch

There are many websites and Facebook pages have been a page about Xiaomi, but all of them are fake. So make sure you should not have to buy anything from theirs.

Right now xiaomi official launch in pakistan after approval of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) but they don’t have any facebook page or website yet.

A person who is directly involved with Xiaomi Pakistan Said:

“We would like to negate rumors regarding the launch of Xiaomi,” “There are several fake Facebook pages claim to be official Xiaomi pages, however, all of them are not in the case,” The official page will be added and let the users know.

Fake Xiaomi Stores may Scame you

Such type of all the fake Xiaomi stores may scam you with overpriced products. You should be aware of them. There are few websites launched with great design and awesome looking to make the custom attract. Also, make their pages look like official but they are not.

Xiaomi only bring the products from their official website The company offcial website have different version of site for each country. They have used the format like www.mi.com/XX, where the XX are the initials character of the country.

When they launch the website for Pakistan, they may be given access through www.mi.com/pk, but still, we can’t say about. One this is sure that any other website besides the offices one, all of them are fake and these are not official Xiaomi website.

Xiaomi Expected to Launch within 3 Weeks

We have heard that Xiaomi is going to launch it’s official Facebook page and website within three weeks from now. The company is going to bring their smartphones and accessories in Pakistan in less three weeks. The sources say, company going to come at the start of the next year 2017.

The company is going to bring four smartphone initial. Here are these phones which are aspected to launch in Pakistan.

  • Xiaomi Mi 5
  • Xiaomi Mi Max
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi not only going to bring their smartphones but also bring the almost all it’s accessories as well. According to our sources, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air. Mi VR, Power Banks, Mi Band, adapter, Eco Products and other phone accessories are going to be made available in Pakistan.

All of the products will have official warranties and price tag will also be mention. Stay tuned for further updates about Xiaomi.

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