How to Check 3G Coverage in Your Area

In Telecom Nov 14, 2016
Check 3G Coverage

The 3G coverage is still a big issue in our country, and today we discussed how to check 3G coverage for all 3G internet provider in Pakistan.

We all know that 3G services introduced in Pakistan recently. The mobile Internet service works in all the great cities, but still, we have many issues regarding services and coverage.

All internet provider, offering their 3G internet in all the central area of Pakistan. Before using their web services, you should need to check whether you are in 3g coverage or not. The mobile companies had acquired the 3G license before it had only PTCL.

The mobile companies had acquired the 3G license before it had only PTCL.

In this post, I am not only going to guide you about coverage but also let you know how you can use the mobile internet if you are not in coverage area.

But if you are aware that you are in the coverage area then you may also want to know about the Zong 3G/4G Wingles and MiFi Devices already introduce for excellent blasting speed.

How to Check 3G Coverage

To test the coverage, Let’s take an example of Ufone and see how to test the availability of 3G. Remember, All other companies have the somewhat similar method to check coverage area.

It’s very easy to check your area in 3G or not. The Ufone provides you two method to check coverage area. These methods are following.

1- Online Map

If you are using another company internet and planning to move on to Ufone 3G then, you need to see 3G coverage map before using it.

You need to select your city from the dropdown or type your area into the search field. It will return your result. It shows you 3G logo where 3G coverage available, and when you zoom out by press Plus and Min button at the bottom of the map, you will see red mark area that’s the area where coverage available.

2- By Using SIM

If you have Ufone SIM, then you just need to dial *336#, and it will return you result with different services. The first services are about 3g Coverage. Now you just need to enter 1, and you will get SMS about coverage.

You can also simply dial *3344# to find out you are in a 3G coverage area. This service is free of cost.

Check Coverage for other Mobile Internet

All the mobile internet provider give the same method of checking the coverage. There may be a difference of code which you need to dial to check.

As for as map, you need to visit the website of the mobile broadband company and for map and follow the instruction.

Ok, let’s talk about Zong and let’s see how we can find service area.

The Zong have the best mobile network coverage in Pakistan and to check coverage.

First, you need to go to coverage map at Zong official website, and you will see the map is almost same as Ufone but with more functions.

All you need to type your area name in the search box and hit enter, within few seconds you will get the result where map show you coverage area with different color combination.

You may notice that the each color give you some instruction about signal strength. For example, If your area listed in the green color that means the signal strength is excellent.

Similar if the color is blue, it’s mean the signal is good. Remember that, if your area hasn’t any color mention that means you are not in coverage area.

Similar, You can find others and Telenor 3g coverage area by going to their official website.

Still use 3G if no Coverage?

Now I am going to guide you if you isn’t in 3G coverage then what? The answer is that you can still use 2G/3G.

My personal experience if you are near to 3G coverage, you can still get a good speed of the internet. If your area isn’t listing in the Ufone or other mobile 3G coverage map, then it does not entirely mean that 3G internet will not work.

I tested, and my area didn’t list in the Ufone 3G Coverage but my internet function properly. My internet speed not too fast, it gives me 100+ KB/SEC. Sometimes it goes too quickly, in fact, it gives me 250+ KB/SEC, and in night time it becomes faster.

Note: We will update our post soon and give you details about other provide regarding checking the coverage.

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