Best Internet in Pakistan 2017

In Internet, Telecom Nov 25, 2016
Best Internet in Pakistan

Do you know the which is the best internet in Pakistan 2017? We tell you and help you to choose right internet provider. We are going to give you the list of top 5 providers in Pakistan which area fastest and superb.

After a long time, Now we can say that Pakistan also have some good internet provider because now we have more provider as compared to early days.

The internet always a big issue regarding speed, signals, and cost in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country where the internet isn’t working superbly fast, but it also doesn’t mean it always works poorly.

Many peoples of us think that the internet in our country isn’t good as compared to other nations, but I didn’t agree with them.


Because of a few days back, one of my friend who lives in Dubai asked me to download some files because their internet isn’t working well. He said that, where he is living, the internet always have an issue.

So you can imagine, a country like Dubai have a problem with the web.

I am not saying we are best regarding internet service provider, but we are also not worsted. The ISPAK should have to do a lot of work to improve the internet in Pakistan. They need to improve Infrastructure in remote areas.

Best Internet in Pakistan 2017: How to Choose?

How many of you peoples had used beep PTCL internet (30 to 50kb/s)? If you get similar speed nowadays, you say oh my God. What is this?

In which world, we leave blah blah…

Many of we peoples may have the similar issue nowadays. This is because of wrong selection of Internet provider and doesn’t know the coverage area before buying it.

Don’t worry I am going to give you detail for each provider and let you know which is best and what is a right choice for you.

Choose Right Internet Provider

We simply listen here and there to select the internet, but we don’t know it will work or not.

Choosing top brand internet isn’t means that it will work superbly fast. You should need to take a look few other factors including, coverage, single and quality of services.

Before you go with any provider, I want to make sure you that; you should check the coverage area. Let’s have a look our article How to Check 3G Coverage in Your Area.

We people just buy a 3G or 4G and think it should work but that’s is the case. Something wrong internet provides you good speed in low price.

So, Guys, we know that:

Since the launch of 3G/4G in Pakistan in 2014, we not only have more provider but also the speed of the internet get the boost. As compare to early days, we don’t have more choice, and we need to insist on PTCL.

The users who lived in the city can avail PTCL and another mobile internet, but in a backward area, an internet wasn’t available. If in some case, it is available, it didn’t give good speed and keep OFF line more than a week in a month.

Now, this isn’t a case, and many users living in the backward area have internet access.

Choose Right Internet Provider

We’re going to give you the list of top internet provider, All you need to select that fit your best need. But we will also give you few suggestion about their quality of services and cost. My article isn’t specific to broadband; we talk about all over whether it is a mobile or broadband internet.

Let’s go over and take a look the list of the top internet in Pakistan.

1- Zong 3G/4G

There is no doubt that the Zong is number #1 and best mobile internet in Pakistan.

According to PTA’s quality of service survey in 2016 (Last Updated: Friday, 08 April 2016), Zong is not only Fastest 3G Network in Pakistan but also provide quality services.

3G Network Speeds Graph

Zong not only wins the race regarding Speed, Signal Strength but also leave behind other networks regarding web accessibility, Grade of Service, call connect time, Call Completion Ratio, End-to-End Speech Quality, and SMS Success Rate.

To be very honest, it looks like the Zong working hard as compare to others.

They didn’t only focus on an advertisement, In reality, they work hard to give top quality services to their customers. We can say their internet service is just like Pasa Wasol 🙂

Zong Speed TestThe Zong 4G Wingle is the best option to get maximum speed. It provides you high-speed internet as compared to all others.

Not only this, but it also has almost zero downtime. If you are professional user and looking for fastest internet with bit limited uses, we recommend you go with Zong 4G single.

You can get 50GB data for a whole month in just RS: 2000. You can find more information about Zong 4G device at their website here.

  • Data Limit: 50 GB
  • Monthly Charges: PKR 2000/-
  • Device charges: PKR 2000/-
  • Installation time: On the same day (if you order before 12 pm)
  • Internet speed: 150 Mbps
  • Website:

2- Mobilink

Mobilink takes place at number #2 position in terms of quality of services. Mobilink provides you dongles and 3G Wi-Fi Devices that help you get online quickly and easily.

All you need to check the coverage and if you are in coverage area then Mobilink can be the second best choice for you. They provide excellent packages at affordable rates.

In fact, it’s cheaper than going, and you will get their WiFi Wingle in only: Rs. 1,400. The packages are also more affordable than Zong. Mobilink gives you Monthly 30GB + 20GB Free: Rs. 1,500 per month.

3- Telenor

Telenor is 3rd best internet in Pakistan. After getting the license of 4G, it becomes better in the market and provides you fastest internet. It is fastest growing 4G 850 MHz network. It isn’t cheaper, especially when you go with its 4G.

4- Wi-tribe

The Wi-tribe can be another choice, and it’s better than PTCL regarding services and data download limit. It is popular internet provider in Pakistan.

It’s Qatar-based internet service provider. After getting lunch 3g and 4G in Pakistan, they focus on their services and prices to provide the best internet.

Why is Wi-tribe better than PTCL? You can get the answer by just visit their packages here. At least they are providing something in good rates and also have better services as compared to PTCL.

If you are in a coverage area, then it’s the best choice for you.

  • Monthly: PKR 1699/-
  • Installation Charges: PKR 500/- Refundable security deposit.
  • Total cost (for the first month): PKR 3898/-
  • Internet speed: 3 Mbps
  • Download limit: Unlimited (fair usage policy of 200 GB).

5- PTCL Broadband

I am going to keep the PTCL at number #5 position, as I am not the big fan of it and you may also. But PTCL has some value and some great features.

I know their services is destitute, but in cities, it works very well.

It is still the largest ISP in Pakistan and 26% of its share owned by Etisalat, an Abu Dhabi based company. It is semi-government company has the Internet infrastructure in Pakistan including undersea fiber optics.

PTCL offers the different facilities including broadband interest, EVO USB, Single, landline, TV and much more. But it still doesn’t cheaper even they know that the competition in a market.

They provide us 20GB data in RS 1250.

  • Package Price: Rs: 999
  • Landline Charges: Rs: 250
  • Installation Charges: Rs: 3000

You may surprise that, what is this ???? I am also too 😛 You may think “Then why we go with PCTL ??”


Yes, you don’t need to go PTCL and only go with Zong who have better rates, 1000 times better speed, services, quality and much much more ……

If you think that you may go with Charlie EVO Cloud or Single then to be very honest they also waste of money.

I only recommend PTCL; it’s work superb in your area.

My Story About Zong

Why am I big Fan of Zong? I want to share you my little story. I bought Zong 4G Wingle, and I knew that I am not in coverage area.

Then I start using, and it starts working fine. After 1 or 2 months, my internet stop works sometime in day and night. Sometimes it works fine.

I decided to call help line 9951 and share my issue. After checking, an agent of Zong said me that you are not in the coverage area and you are in our testing coverage area.

When I listen to this,

I got super; you know why?

Because I was getting 2MB/Sec speed. That’s amazing also right? So, Ii think if I am in testing coverage area getting such incredible speed then what happen when it uses official language?

That’s superb!

Due to this point, I become the big fan of Zong. They are amazing….. and doing excellent work.

Now, my internet working superb and I am very much satisfied with their service. Thank Zong.

Let’s share in below comment section that what you think which one is best and why? Tell us what internet you are using and how you find it?

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