Best 3G Speed Network in Pakistan

In Internet, Telecom Jan 13, 2017
Best 3G Speed Network in Pakistan

The best 3g speed network in Pakistan is a topic for every Pakistani wants to know about it, but we don’t have the particular formula to know which one is best.

You may be thinking why?

Becuase some users may get much better speed as compared to others.

If someone was getting good speed, then he/she will say his network is best. So we can only reply to reports generated by the international companies.

We already give a complete analyst about the fastest 3G Network in Pakistan and according to report Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA) Zong win the race in the best speed network.

Of course, it’s faithful to keep in mind the reports and survey while selecting internet provider. For example, a report says that the Ufone is worst one then you should not go with it.

Best 3G Speed Network in Pakistan

We have few 3G internet provider in Pakistan, so You have to choose which is the top or 2nd position. Sometimes we find out that the top internet provider according to the survey isn’t working well as compared to 2nd on the list.

There are many factors involved, maybe you are not in perfect coverage area or may you are long from the buster. Sometimes the tower in your area isn’t providing good quality single and few others.

Which one Best 3G Speed Network in Pakistan

As we mention above that the Zong is on the top right now and best mobile internet in Pakistan according to latest survey conduct by PTA.

The second number goes to mobility and third to Telenor so you can choose from these.

I feel that the survey is providing best figures because I am also using Zong and it work pretty much well. I am getting high speed and download more than 4MB per second.

It also depends upon the coverage area, if you are near to tower, you will surely get incredible speed.

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